Monday, February 18, 2008

Bears Hate Allah

Not seen: Moose dropping the pass

I did not see that coming.

The Bears have decided to part ways with Mushin Muhammad, ending what was a very sub-par run with the Bears. Moose was under contract through 2010, and knowing how much it would cost to keep Briggs around, every penny matters. Although, even if we weren't in a money situation, I would say that this is still the right move.

Moose is getting slower, older, and dropping catches. He came nowhere near his Panthers totals, and didn't do much to take pressure off of Berrian. With both Berrian and Moose gone next year, I expect Rasheid Davis, Mark Bradley and Devin Hester to step it up considerably as our "youth of the future." Also, we may be following through on that Marty Booker signing after all (who managed to outperform Moose in Miami, AKA receiver hell).

In other news, we gave Fred Miller the boot, and we signed Alex Brown to a contract extension. Whoop-de-do.

[Thanks to On 205th for the tip!]

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