Monday, February 18, 2008

What The Hell Happened To: Dickey Simpkins

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LuBara Dixon Simpkins, AKA "Dickey," was a reinvention of the NBA 6th man -- he was twice the player of any Ben Gordon. Why? He was, essentially, the 12th man.

Dickey played for the Bulls from 1994-1997, and amassed only 513 points in 167 games. He was left off of the playoff rosters for both the '96 and '97 championship years (although, much like Jack Haley, he did get the rings). After the 1997 season, the Bulls traded him to the Warriors for Scott Burrell, but were able to re-sign him for the 1998 season after the Warriors cut him.

Dickey stuck with the Bulls from 1998-2000, but it was only after 1999 that he really decided to shine. After getting rid of those "roadblocks" Pippen, Jordan, Rodman, and Longley, Simpkins was able to move into the role of a part-time starter. You take four starters out of the equation and you still don't get a starting job? Ouch. He's also apparently a really good Dad, "or my name isn't Dickey Simpkins."

In 2000, Simpkins was let go and went to play in Europe.

What the hell happened to Dickey Simpkins?

Dickey got around more than the village bicycle, playing for over 13 teams in 6 years. He only made it back to the NBA once (in 2002) for a brief one-game stint with the Hawks, but mostly spent those six years hopping around in Europe. His final game was played in 2006 for the Bramberg (Germany) Brose Brackets. He was seen shooting around at the Bulls facility in 2006 (sparking news of a Chicago comeback), but nothing came of it.

With professional NBA play behind him, Dickey decided to open his own training facility, called "Next Level Performance." The big D himself serves as head trainer, and has four facilities in various parts of Illinois. He currently lives in Buffalo Grove, IL, where he gets in touch with his glory days by putting on his old shorts and sitting on the bench.

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