Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Colon stretched

Funny Colon headlines will never get old

In reality, Colon and Contreras DID pitch 20 BP pitches each to minor leaguers. That's gotta count for something, right? Well, it apparently does, as they have one more BP session before pitching one inning apiece for Saturday's game. If that doesn't strike you as batshit crazy that either of them will be ready before the season STARTS, then you're obviously lying.

In other news:

John Danks gets shelled. Nothing to be all that worried about, but Danks had serious trouble with the fastball, and coughed up 6 ER in 2 IP. He's still better than Todd Richie.

Chris Getz hit a three-run inside the park homerun. When was the last time you heard of ANY Sox player that did that? Granted, he had some help when Ben Francisco fell down on the warning track in right, but still - wheels are always nice to have.

Cubs pitching continues to dominate. Seriously, these guys are getting shit done. When you have Marshall and Gaudin fighting for the 5 spot, you're in pretty good shape. Also, Fontenot continues to rake. Fucker.

Cubs win their first game in over a week. Yay?

Kevin Jones is sticking around. 2-year deal for the Ex-Lion means that the Bears aren't going to be looking at the free-agent scrap heap for a complement to Forte (sorry to all the fans who were hoping we would win the Derrick Ward sweepstakes). In other news, Bears are rumored to be making a run at Torry Holt - didn't we learn our lesson with the broken down wideouts (see: Marty Booker). I love Holt, don't get me wrong, but his knee just hasn't been the same in years.

Deng is hurt...really. Looking at about two weeks on the sideline for the Denginator. Seriously, why did we name ourselves after this colossal fuckup? Sheesh.

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