Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What about this guy?

Some folk'l never lose a toe, and then again some folk'l...

Sure, Matt Jones got cut by the Jaguars for frequent run-ins with the law and a hilarious coke addiction. So what? As long as the drugs increase his hand-eye coordination (as shown by his impressive numbers last year), he could become the WR 1 the Bears really need.

Yes, I know that the Bears don't go after anyone - especially people like Jones. Even so, he would come cheap, and would fit in nicely next to Hester. We get a possession guy, to cover the 10-20 yard range, and then we get some separation for Hester ( be underthrown, but that's a different story).

Also (and most importantly), Jones would almost garauntee that we don't go after Holt - as much as I loved him in the early 2000's, he has since lost more than one step...not to mention that he'd want a longer contract. Instead, sign Matt Jones to a 1-year deal with incentive for Buffalo Wings.

Your city thanks you.

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