Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Call (Colon Bringing Heat)


And after yesterdays mostly expected roster moves, Gordon Beckham has been assigned to the minors. What, you're surprised? Any person who said Beckham would make the roster out of camp is an idiot - why would the Sox waste a year of contract on the kid, especially when the infield is filled? They're certainly not moving Alexei to center (much to my dismay).

Other interesting developments were the reassignment of Poreda and Wassermann (essentially ensuring Richard the long relief role), and a solid outing from Bartolo Colon likely locks up the rotation.

Colon is a bit of good news, as he allow two hits in four innings, threw most of his pitches for strikes, and was hitting higher numbers on the gun than he has all spring. Sure, his pitch count is still being carefully monitored (no more than 50), and he's likely going to be on a short leash throughout the season to keep him healthy, but it's great news.

Seriously - having Colon and Contreras both beginning the season ready to go? That's just batshit crazy - especially when you consider the severity of either surgery/rehab.


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