Tuesday, March 3, 2009


And would you just look at the blocking for the running game?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a serious problem. The Vikings are getting better every year, and filling the few remaining voids on their squad. Last season, the Vikes were kept from greatness due to a shitty QB situation (Gus + Starting = Bad Idea), and not much else. There was hope that their stock would drop in the offseason with the departure of free agents, and yet, here we are.

The last hope for the Vikings to have trouble this year is Matt Birk. If Birk re-signs with the Vikes, they have enough of a line for AP to do what he does best (dominate), and enough time for Rosenfels to give them a relevant passing game. Between Berrian's speed, Shiancoe's size (both below the belt and overall), and Rice's fucked up knees, he'll have more than enough options.

The Vikings defense is absolute murder against the run, and while their secondary isn't close in terms of skill, they still present a respectable force. Their Special Teams is also pretty good (as evidenced last year), AND they managed to re-sign almost all of their free agents (not Birk...yet).

This has gone on long enough - we need to put a stop to this.

If no one here is going to help, I propose Operation Antichrist. It's ingenious, really - simply let Peterson have the ball. Going from his extensive injury history, it's only a matter of carries before he hurts himself. Once he's down, Chester Taylor will be on a limited workload (guy can't quite handle 25 carries a game more than one game a month) and it will be time to strike. Just watch for the pass and blitz mercilessly as Rosenfels struggles to get the ball off.

Or something.


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