Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kirk Hinrich gives Paxson the finger

Suck my balls.

Captain Kirk lit it up last night, beating the Pistons 99-91 to solidify the 8 seed and pull 1 game away from the 7 spot in the East. The Bulls have now won 5 of their last 6 games and look like a lock for the playoffs.

Derrick Rose was out injured yesterday (although I'm not sure what happened, apparently his wrist was bothering him from the day before - tests showed no damage) and Kirk stepped in and played like a champion. I'm a huge Hinrich fan, I like his style of play and I like his attitude. We should give him some long overdue Dong props.

Here's a guy who took us to the playoffs for 3 straight seasons and plays good, all-around basketball. He's a true PG: selfless, tough defender, leads by example and runs the offense. When we had the right parts around him, he made everyone around him better. One of the best defenders in the league and he has the best attitude of any NBA player I've ever followed. He's like how I imagine Jerry Sloan would play if he were in the league today.

Derrick Rose is the future of this franchise but let's not forget what the Captain has given this organization and how he's handled this transition. I haven't heard one peep about being benched for the rookie and if anything, he's been more energized since coming back from the thumb injury and his gritty whatever-it-takes mentality is starting to rub off on Joe Noah and Tyrus Thomas.

He's a great leader on and off the court. If I could choose one person to represent the Bulls franchise, it would be Kirk. He actually earned his big contract a few years ago and continues to provide value and do whatever is asked of him to help the team win.

I spent the weekend listening to a bunch of Hinrich haters bitch about his contract, his injuries, his low shooting percentage. I say you can all go fuck yourselves - let's be thankful that we have 2 great PG's on the team and appreciate what they've done and continue to do (hopefully together for a long time).



Ron said...

Completely agree, Kirk can carry this team.

Keggers said...

He's so under-appreciated it makes me depressed.

Can't trade him, can't have him start... what to do?

Mary J. Smith said...

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