Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5-Tool Tool

This guy is Jayson Nix. Long story short, he's 26, coming off of his best (read: only productive) year in the minors, and the Sox just signed him.

The Good:
#1. He's young. Being 26 makes him younger than 90% of the team.
#2. He's an infielder! We can't have too many of those.
#3. He's coming off of a great year in the minors, posting a .303 average and .591 OBP over 303 at-bats.
#4. He reminds me of Iceman from Top Gun.

The Bad:
#1. He comes from the Colorado. Consider all those stats padded by at LEAST .050
#2. He lost the starting 2B gig...twice. This would normally not be a big deal, but he lost the job for the ROCKIES! They're awful!
#3. He got hit in the face by a pitch. Nice. Well, I suppose it's a plus that he was on the Olympic team...except when you consider all baseball talent in MLB is from Cuba or Venezuela.

Actually, as much as his stats may be padded, I like this move a lot. We get a relative nobody for 400k who can play the infield and is still on the right side of 30. If he's an offensive nightmare, we can see if he has the defense and speed necessary to make the team as a reserve. 400k to NOT have Juan Uribe is something I can look forward to.

Oh, and if he can hit? Hello starting 2B (or 3B, depending on Getz's progress)

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