Monday, October 6, 2008

Bears Roundup

Kitna is allergic to Peanuts...

I'm going to keep this relatively short, since I only saw half the game:

1) Kyle Orton is a legitmate starting QB.
Forget the stat line (and the fact that Detroit is the tampon of the NFC vag). Orton looks good - he's throwing a nice deep ball, hitting the middle crossing routes and not making too many horrific throws. This is a lot more than can be said for Orton circa 2006/7 and more than can be said for 60-70% of the starting QB's in the NFL right now. He's poised, confident and has managed to keep 9 out of the box for Forte. Best of all, he's getting better as the season progresses.

2) Matt Forte is a top 10 RB
Not much needs to be said here. If you have him on your fantasy team (As we suggested a few months back) than kudos to you. If you don't, you have also enjoyed him picking up the pass protection scheme and selling the play actions. The kid is already very well-rounded and has made our offensive line look better than the group of semi-retired 40 year old vets that it is. First round pick Chris Williams also comes back in a few weeks to shore up the line, so more good things to come. Sidenote, did you know we have 3 Vanderbilt guys on our team right now (Williams, Hillenmeyer and Earl Bennett)?

3) The Bears D is in top form
Even with the injuries (Vasher, Tillman), Suspensions (Harris) and youth (Graham, Dvorceck, Payne) the unit looks very very good. We've got a ton of depth and Briggs/Urlacher make it impossible to establish a run game against us. Like in 06, we are hitting hard and creating a lot of takeaways, which speaks well for Big Bad Bob Babich and reflects well on Lovie's general defensive focus.

4) Our WR's aren't as bad as we thought:
Exhibit A:
Lloyd and Booker are solid B WR's and Hester is a B- but gives us the speed factor that the other two lack. As a whole, we have a pretty good unit right now and both Booker and Lloyd own 4 of the best hands in the entire league.
All in all, the Bears look great right now and we're tied for first in the division (thanks to Rodgers gimpy shoulder). We're 3-2 and a few 4th quarter stands away from being 5-0.
Next week the Falcons will be a good test for us. Turner is the top RB in the NFL right now and Matt Ryan looks solid. We should have our hands full...

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