Monday, October 13, 2008

Bears 3rd string DB's: not starting caliber

Ouch, my balls.

Not a whole lot to say without repeating everything you've read/heard. the Bears played strong and were able to hang in there but coughed up the game in the last 11 seconds with soft D and a severely depleated secondary. 

The Good:
Orton executed a beautiful 4th quarter drive hitting Rashied Davis for what should have been the game winning score with 11 seconds left. He's looked calm and efficient this entire season and has played well when it's mattered most (an intangible that is worth more than his stats).  Forte was solid again, although he muff dived on the 1 to score a big TD late in the game. The D was solid through 3.5 quarters holding Turner to 54 yards and mostly holding the Falcons to field goals. 

The Bad:
Did you see the game?

The Awful:
The bears 3rd string secondary is the easy scapegoat but Ryan made a perfect throw to Jenkins under pressure to set up the game winning field goal. We just haven't been able to hold a lead in the 4th quarter this entire season and this game is just salt in the wound. There are a lot of questions (Was there really 1 second left? Why the weak squib kick? Where was the coverage on the last play?) but we would have won the game on a great play (Davis) and we lost on a great play (Jenkins). Thus is football.

Props to:
Tillman for playing hurt. Matt Ryan and Roddy White for taking advantage of our secondary and doing a pretty good Manning/Wayne impression. Orton for the late drive, Davis for the great catch. Hester for starting to look like a real WR. Forte for giving Ryan a run for the money in ROY voting.


stalkingerinandrews said...

Forte for giving Ryan a run for the money in ROY voting.

DeSean Jackson may have something to say about this.

Gepetto said...

Jackson may be playing well NOW, but the more Eagles that come back to the world of the living (Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown...etc), the more his value drops.