Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Difference

This is a photo of Candice and Richard Lombardo of Palos Heights. Long story short, the duo went to the Sox final regaular season game (163) and bought scalped tickets...only to find out that they were fake. Down $150, the two of them shivered out in the parking lot as they listened to the roar of the crowd.

Eventually, the church-going parking attendants (that first part is important) went over one at a time and gave her $20 each out of pity amounting to (at least) $60 in goodwill. Hooray.

First of all, thank you SOMEONE for going against the grain of the public perception that all Sox fans are redneck retarded assholes. We're not. Some are actually "good people."

Second, just because I can't resist - what are the odds of something like this happening at Wrigley? First of all, she doesn't lose $150 on two tickets to game 163. She probably loses somewhere close to $300, and the tickets most likely were printed on crackers. Second, "Wrigley Field Parking Attendants?" I don't think so. I'll bet she breaks down and cries out on Waveland, and Ronnie Woo Woo brings attention to her ("Woo! Sad! Woo!") but pockets all of the cash that his shennanigans bring in.

Little did they all know that her son would grow up and change his name to Henry Rowengartner...


Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Wow, I can feel the animosity from this site coming off my computer screen. The reason no parking attendant would do that at Wrigley is because Wrigley isn't surrounded by miles of ugly concrete slabs. The reasons the tickets would cost more is becasue PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO GO TO WRIGLEY. Supply and demand my friends. And in terms of the goodwill shown by the parking attendants? Only a hate-filled Sox fan could turn such an act of kindness into such a negative hate-filled attack on the Cubs. I still fail to see the connection between this incident and the Cubs, but I appreciate your ever-present efforts to be negative about them. Keep up the hate!

Gepetto said...

Will do!