Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now What

"I wonder if anyone realizes that these papers have been blank for three weeks..."

So, baseball season is done. Over. Finished. No more Sox and Cubs until Spring Training next year in, well, the SPRING. Hockey and Basketball aren't my thing, and haven't really started yet anyways.

That's a ways away! With the Bears only playing once a week (as ordained by the NFL - we could totally go for 3 or 4 a week), we've gotta find something else to obsess over. We all know the Bears are amazing and going to win the Super Bowl - it's not even worth discussing at this point.

Here is some suggested daytime viewing material to tide you over during the week:

#1. Sanford and Son

#2. Air Bud 3: Euthanize The Court

#3. Judge Judy

#4. Judge Mathis

#5. Judge Mathis doing Judge Judy (PPV only)

#6. The oddly named "ABC World News at 3:18 PM"

#7. Cartoons

#8. Slightly more racist cartoons that they don't show anymore, but are totally much funnier than the crap on right now (where the hell is Speedy Gonzalez?!)

#9. Your neighbor taking a dump with the window open

#10. Softball SLAM on CSN (the commercials make it worth it)

Seriously, I don't know what I'll do if the Bears don't make the playoffs. The months leading up to the pain are just too much!

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