Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bears Postgame

The Bears "held on" against the Vikings on Sunday, and head into a bye week feeling pretty damned good about themselves. In case you missed Sunday's game:


- Orton. Again. Sure, he has one shitty underthrown pass every couple throws, but he definitely has the game smarts you need to succeed in the NFL. Hell, he's turning into a fantasy football option!

- Speaking of fantasy options - Greg Olsen is giving Keggers a reason to live. Also, he's making Orton's day easier, and made some niiiiiice catches Sunday. Oh, and Bears D? YOWZA.

- Booker's legwork to make a big TD for Orton. I guess you had to see it for yourself.


- Booker's HANDwork on the two dropped TD's. Gotta work on that - the way we cough up leads, 50pts may not be enough.

- Everyone is hurt. Tillman, Vasher, Hester, Lloyd, McBride (bicep, right?) and so on. We're going to be doing our scouting mid-season at this rate. Looking for work, si? Trabajo?

- Since we dedicated everyone to the run, you'd think we could at LEAST hold down Purple Jesus. Nope. 100+, 2TDs, and over 5.5 per carry. If not for Gus Frerrote helping our offense, this post would be a lot less lighthearted.
- Marshawn Lynch. He's not on the Bears or Vikings, but he's just very unattractive.The ORIGINAL Geico Caveman

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