Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll Bet Iron Mike Could Fix This

Hey Coach, we could use some help!

I want to rip on Rex Grossman SO BADLY for yesterday's loss, but I can't. Really, in all fairness, he didn't let the team down in any way. He performed tolerably for what he is - the backup QB. He kept the mistakes to a minimum (1 INT), and while he was completely useless on 3rd down (3-14...ugh), we WERE playing the best team in the NFL.

So I won't rip on Rex just yet.

I will say that Rex definitely changes the dynamic of the offense. If you look at the involvement of players like Rasheid Davis or Marty Booker (guys that Orton uses to move the ball in a hurry or get that quick pass off over the middle), you'll notice that they - combined - had one catch. To contrast, Grossman dumped the ball to Forte to give him 7 receptions to go along with his 20 rushing attempts. That doesn't really scream confidence to me.

Speaking of confidence, I have little to none in the Bears next week against the Packers. As much as I would like to spout how "we're gonna win" and "Rex can do it," I'm starting to realize the gravity of our situation. Every Friday before gameday, they pull Orton out of the iron lung and say, "hey, we could really use you this week. Try playing. Please. Can you start yet? How about now?"

My prediction is that the Bears do their one defensive trick (stack the box, and force the opposing team to throw the ball), and get burned badly. Even a QB with a bum shoulder (Rodgers) could beat out our cornerbacks right now. Expect big games from Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Donald Lee, and even Ryan Grant (short passes) that keeps us going down the slide.

Projected Score: 27-10 Packers.
Projected Grossman line: 210 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 1 fumble lost.

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