Monday, November 17, 2008


What. The. Fuck.

Ryan Grant read my post last week, called me up yesterday and told me he was going to shit on my face. Then I spoke to Lance, Tommie and Brian who reassured me that they could stop Grant even if they also had to carry a truck tire and wear 50 pound cleats.

I don't even know how to recap this game. I stopped watching halfway through the 4th quarter because I was concerned for those around me. This was a total shitshow on both sides of the ball and worst of all, we looked completely uninspired. This was a HUGE game- we win and we pretty much lock up a playoff spot and leave the Pack and Vikings to duke it out for scraps. Now we're in a three way tie with 2 much-hotter-than-us teams.

Sidenotes: Aaron Kampman is a cum-guzzling shitstain. I fart stronger than our pass rush. Corey Graham is better than Nathan Vasher. And Pex, if you're reading this, I hope the Packers lose to the Jets in the superbowl after Aaron "The Nose" Rodgers throws a pick and TJones catches a game winning screen pass from Brett Favre to seal the game and give me an upset fantasy victory over your not-quite-threepeating queefsquad.

We can all dream.


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