Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Neckbeard Lite

So, we lose one Neckbeard for at least a month, and now we get this one. Rex just doesn't have the same "I got stoned in the bathroom and then someone told me to put on this helmet" look, but he seems to know how to wear The Beard properly.

That said, just how fucked are we?

The Bears can actually still take the division if Grossman tries not to unleash the dragon every three plays (did anyone else see him overthrow Hester on that fly route? That's hard to do). With next week's matchup being against the conservative (but defensively monstrous) Titans, the Bears certainly have their work cut out for them. Grossman won't get many open recievers, and the Titans will surely stuff the box to keep Forte busy. Even so, if our defense can shut down Chris Johnson/LenDale White, there's a good chance we can win this game with some conservative drives for the FG.

This Sunday will really be the determining factor for this team. A win against the Titans can boost confidence (especially for Rex), and will help us take down the Packers the following week to lock up the division. A loss to the Titans, or excessive exploitation, spells doom and gloom for the Bears for the next four games until Orton is back.

Come on, Rex - prove you've got something left in the tank. It'll also help Keggers' case when he has to print that retraction about how Orton is better than you.

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