Thursday, November 6, 2008


Note: This is actually three different dunks scored in the span of two seconds.

The Bulls just got LeBron'd plain and simple. We just can't stop him. In his last six games against us, LeBron has put up a minimum of 30 points. If that doesn't put up some red flags about our defensive scheme for stopping him, coughing up 41 last night should definitely help put things in perspective.

The Good: Ben Gordon put up 31 of his own to try and help out the Bulls' cause, and Rose piled on 20 of his own. Both Rose and Gordon also kept the ball moving, with 7 and 5 assists, respectively. Even Luol Deng looked solid, putting up 18 after a miserable showing on Monday. Also nice was that Ben "Assface" Wallace didn't score a single point (more on this later).

The Bad: There's a lot. The Bulls got beaten soundly when it comes to ball control. Wallace and LeBron, and Ilgauskas had 33 combined boards. I have to assume Wallace didn't score because he was too busy standing in place and catching the ball off the backboard. The entire Bulls team (bench included) had 35. Same with steals - their startes had eight (LeBron with 4), our starters had 4.

The Ugly: There's two things worth mentioning. One, LeBron rolled his ankle and still schooled us. Two, did anyone see Ilgauskas nail that three-pointer? UGLY.

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