Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Derrick Rose is good, the Bulls are OK.

Highlights from 11/8 Cavs game. Check out the move at the :58 mark... (you can get it in high quality on youtube).

The Bulls lose 113-108 to the Hawks last night and for the second game in a row, Derrick Rose looks really really good in a Bulls loss.

Atlanta is one of the last undefeated neams in the NBA and looks really motivated. Al Horford beat the crap out of Joakim all day long and Mike Bibby even looked pretty good. 

Sure the Bulls are hurt (Hinrich out 3 months, Hughes and Gooden out) but Tyrus needs to step it up and Noah needs to play better D (or gain 20 pounds).

BoGo and Deng are consistently solid (19 a piece) but the real star is Rose. He was 4 assists off a triple double and has already scored more than 25 points twice in the first 6 games. He looks very comfortable in the offense and is just the quickest motherfucker I've ever seen. He also finishes better than TPC's mom at a swingers party.

We should wait a few weeks before the trade packages start occupying most of the Bulls discussions but it looks like we have a top 15 team so far and as Rose gets even better we could be dangerous. The key is going to be Thomas - can he learn to be a consistant low-post scoring threat or is he going to be the LaVar Arrington of the NBA (super talented athletic freak that can't put it together)?


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