Monday, November 10, 2008

Bears are not 9-0

My, you have exceptionally strong, weight bearing hamstrings Mr. Forte!

If I had told you that the Bears would hold the Titans to 20 total rushing yards and that Rex would throw as many TD's as INT's, how would you predict the outcome? 10-0 Bears? 14-7 Bears?

I have no idea how we lost this game. 

Until yesterday, Kerry Collins looked about as accurate as Helen Keller playing darts.  Drunk. I've watched 3 other FULL Titans games this season and the guy couldn't hit a wide open Keith Traylor wearing a cape, not to mention he's not very nimble on his feet... usually a recipe for 10 sacks and a bunch of INT's for our opportunistic defense.

Not so, as we somehow managed to let the old man toss  for almost 300 yards and a pair of TD's, including one to ex-bear Justin Gage, who (justifiably) ripped on our city traffic issues right before the game.

Personally, I loved the gameplan: make the old man beat you through the air. With Tillman and Brown hurt, it just didn't work as well as it should have. Also, has anyone else noticed a significant drop in production from the formerly intimidating Tommie Harris? 

Last note, Rex looked good for what was asked of him but I'll tell you, Kyle Orton has made some serious strides this season. The contrast to Rex only highlighted how good Orton has become and how much we'll miss him down the stretch for a few weeks.

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The TPC said...

Thank god you are off the rex band wagon. You clearly stated why Orton is better and how badly we need him back for next week.

Moreover, we have absolutely no pass rush. I dont know what happened to tommie harris, but what about Mark Anderson, where has he gone?