Monday, November 17, 2008


The image really says it all.

Orton never took a downfield shot after taking that hit to the back of the leg, leaving the Bears to try and manage using only the short game. Forte worked as a runner and receiver, but we ultimately got too many short gains that left us wanting more. Hell, we put in Grossman! Do you have any idea what kind of strain it takes to put in Grossman!?

On the flip side, we couldn't stop the run (giving up 5 YPC total, not just to Ryan Grant), and let Aaron Rodgers have his way with us with quick, accurate passing. The holes in our defense only look smaller when the offense is getting the job done. When the Bears are trailing, the whole "one-dimensional" defense thing just gives opponents more options.

Yes, the fumble by Orton and other "big" plays hurt as well, but thoa

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