Monday, November 17, 2008

Kerry Wood If He Could

After one too many surgeries, even peeing is a problem

I meant to touch on this Friday, but I really wanted to make sure that Kerry Wood wasn't coming back. I mean, Wood is kinda like that hobo on Taylor street who comes up to your car with a spray bottle and a roll of paper towels. You tell him, "no, I'm great, don't need the window wiped. I don't have any money for you. Thanks anyways." Kerry Wood knows better, though. He proceeds to muck your window up anyways, and because you always do have the money, you pay him out of guilt. Rinse and repeat.

This time, it seems that the Cubs are really rolling the windows up and driving away, as every comment I've seen essentially says, "Kerry deserves more money and a longer contract...somewhere else. [Please go away, I just had my windows cleaned.]" They even went out and got another player to fill Wood's role - just to show they were serious.

Most people know that Wood's agent contacted the Cubs for a multi-year deal, and was turned down for "financial reasons." But did you know Kerry tried to come back to the Cubs for a one-year contract? That's right - like a loyal dog, Wood wanted to help the team and come back on the cheap. He wanted to keep trying to make up for all those years of medical failure.

And the Cubs still won't have any of it.

While Kerry sits outside on the porch and scrapes at the door, the Cubs have brought in Kevin Gregg and let him eat the table scraps. Gregg just had his best year in 30 years old. There's also that whole "coming off of surgery" thing that's never good news. Couple this with the fact that Gregg is a bit of a slow starter, and he might become the Cubs' new whipping post by the end of May. Does anyone remember how "fun" it was to torture Jacques Jones and Juan Pierre? Yeah, I thought so.

I wish Kerry the best...and the path of Mark Grace: get shunned by your team after giving them almost 10 years of service just to go on and win the World Series the following year with another squad.

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