Monday, December 8, 2008

Big win, still in the hunt

If I flex like this and hook up with my brother, can I also get my own brother-up website??

Bears win, improve to 7-6 and stay one game out of 1st behind the Vikings (8-5). Packers lose (surprisingly, actually) and likely won't make the playoffs.

Defense was solid, although stopping David Garrard and the Jags offense this season is nothing to write home about. It seems like when the Bears play well on the opening drive (offense or defense), we play with a lot more confidence for the rest of the game, win or lose. Orton was able to start off the day with a short TD pass (=confidence) and we had momentum for the entire first half. I don't think they got a first down in the first 45 minutes of the game.

The Jags D is clearly hurting from their offseason moves, missing Marcus Straud and Aaron Glenn. They were always a top 10-15 defense since I can remember... now they look like crap. Nevertheless, they did a nice job containing Forte, who "only" had about 110 yards from scrimmage. Israel Idonije got some pressure on Garrard moving in from special teams and obviously Dan Manning (can't keep calling him Danieal) had a huge day. Good showing from the Bears TE's too (Olsen and Clark both had TD's) and a really nice grab on Olsen's TD.

I will admit, Fred Taylor never ceases to amaze me. I remember a few years ago when he guaranteed 2000 yards (I think this was in 1999/2000) and everyone thought he was crazy. He subsequently got injured within 10 seconds and missed most of the next 3 seasons. I remember when he was "Fragile Fred" (he's only missed a handful of games in the last 5 years) and everyone hated him for being questionable every game, all the time. I think Taylor is one of the most severely underrated players in the league, as was his teammate Jimmy Smith, one of the greatest fantasy WR's of all time. Taylor finished the game with 53 yds on 13 carries and passed newly incarcerated O.J Simpson and Corey Dillon to move into 16th place on the NFL Career Rushing Leader board.

We get a tough matchup with New Orleans next week and GB the following week. Both are going to test our secondary. Minnesota goes to Arizona (tough) then home to play the Falcons (surprisingly tough as well).

We're still in this bad boy!!

P.S.  Brother up fools!!


The TPC said...

Couldnt agree more keggs. These games are huge and im already excited to to exact vengeance on the fudge packers at Soldier Field.

The TPC said...

I just came all over myself!