Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pro Bowl 2008

Archuleta And Lane Briggs Fashion Show

Lance Briggs fashion show: Video is from last season, although breasts are timeless...

The only Chicago Bear to make the Pro-Bowl this season is Lance "Lamborghini" Briggs who has 122 tackles and 3 INT's in his 4th consecutive appearance after another very solid year anchoring our feared defense.

Urlacher misses out for the second straight season, although I wouldn't call it a snub (Briggs has 40 more tackles this season) but it's still sad to see a city icon on the decline.

In more important news, Brother-Up star and my personal role model Brendon Ayenbadejo will make his 3rd straight appearence in Hawaii, this time with the Baltimore Ravens. The Bears have no special teams players voted on the team, as Brendon notes:

"I played them all," he said. "Special teams-wise, it lets me know they were missing their captain and their spark plug on special teams. I'm just happy I get to represent my players and coaches in Baltimore." (you can read more from Brendon here).

Here he is, petitioning his former fans for votes on Mouthpeice sports:

Damn right we miss him! The team lost a leader, a fashion icon and damn good football player.

Brother Up fools.


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The TPC said...

From 2:13 on in that video, I was in heaven.

God I miss Brendan.

Brother Up Fool!