Friday, December 12, 2008

Fuck you, NFL Network


No time for a full recap but I will make the following observations:

1) Fuck the NFL Network. Seriously.  You start putting games on Thursday night (awesome!) and then tell everyone they have to PAY to watch (brutal!). It's like having your girlfriend offer to give you head and then halfway through ask for $50 to finish. I will continue to steal the feed online and continue to rip on this overt case of extortion.

2) The Bears are not exciting. Our two biggest plays were a FG and a pass interference call. Sure, the opening punt return TD was awesome but you can't claim real excitement when your best unit (special teams) is only on the field a few plays a game. But hey, Dan Manning is turning into a hell of a KR specialist and Hester is becoming a solid WR option (did you see how badly Orton underthrew him on that interference call? He had 10 strides on Jason David and the ball was 20 yards behind him. Nice work falling back and getting the call- it could just as easily have been an INT).

3) Reggie Bush is almost officially a bust. Pierre Thomas (hometown Chicago stud) is clearly the more complete back and has been a monster since Bush went down 4 weeks ago. The Saints still have Deuce to shoulder the short yardage if they need it and I could easily see Bush confined to 3rd down duties (ala Leon Washington). 

Kudos to the secondary for hanging tough against the best passing QB in the league and great defensive stand in the 4th quarter to get into OT. Big win, we've got a huge game next week and the playoffs are in sight.




The TPC said...

Hey Keggs

The TPC said...

great post, I agree that the NFL network sucks dick. I hate having to fgo to a bar to watch a game 5 miles from my house.

Secondly, what the fuck is with Ron Turner. Our offense is pretty simple and yet he still fucks it up.

Consider this mathematical analogy.I think it will help you get my point.

When you have over 3 drinks you get aggressively homosexual.

When the bears run Forte over 20 times we win.

Its that simple.

Please send this to ron turner with the a note that says beware of a drunk keggs.

Keggers said...

Thanks TPC - right on point, as usual.

Forte should touch the ball at least 35 times/game. We didn't run enough screens for him and we didn't utilize the PA on first or second down nearly enough.

I did like the gameplan in the 4th: lots of short passes (orton's only quality) and then a pump and go to Hester. If we mix in a draw/screen here and there, it's the kind of offense you can run ALL GAME, not just in the last minute of the the 4th.

Also, I enjoy a good drink here and there but my predilection to men is independent of the booze.

IGR said...

I just want to make sure: did Keggers just say that Reggie Bush is almost a complete bust? The same Keggers who drafts him with the first overall pick in all fantasy drafts and then laughs demonically like he just pulled a fast one on everyone, all while whipping out his cockmeat (tattooed with Reggies #) and pulling on it mercilessly? This cannot be the same Keggers. It simply cannot be.

Keggers said...

First of all, the number tattooed on my beefstick is not Reggie's 25 (common mistake when I'm flaccid) but 2005- the year we ruined our team by drafting Cedric Benson.

The new target of my homoerotic obsessions: Adrian Peterson.