Sunday, December 28, 2008

These Bears didn't deserve the Playoffs

Where's your heart???

Well, that was fun. 

We can't guard a big time WR, our run defense is useless without Mike Brown and our run game is totally dependent on Forte's health.

Let's be honest, this Bears team did not deserve to make the playoffs: a mediocre offense and a slightly better than average defense. Sure, we were good enough to keep most of our games close enough to win and for 9 games our special teams and a few big plays put us over the top. 

Tillman can't stop a big-time WR (see 2008 stats against us from Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, Megatron, etc) and our secondary can't compensate over the top or against the run, especially without Mike Brown. Our OL is getting older and our LB's are weak except for Briggs. Our WR's are a joke and our best reciever, Greg Olsen, dropped 2 potential game tying TD's in the 4th quarter.

It's tough to catch passes in tough coverage!

So let's take an honest look at the team and tell it like it is... we are a 9-7 team that could easily have been 7-9 and  we have more holes than TPC's old boxers. 

Worst of all, we played wihout emotion today. There was no heart, there was no fire and no urgency. We didn't go down fighting and our defense quit in the middle of the second half. There is nothing worse than watching your team and feeling more invested than the guys on the field. Great call for the Texans not to post the other NFL scores during the game: our guys looked distracted and confused and probably contributed to our general sense of distraction. Come on guys, you own your own destiny, just win the fucking game. (Sidenote: Oakland and Philly won, and we would have moved on despite the Vikings win). 

On another note, I almost feel bad for the Patriots - a team that really deserved to go to the postseason and is playing better football than any team in the NFC right now. Hell, they should give points against any team outside the 1st round bye's. Maybe the Bears can overspend on Cassell?


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