Friday, December 19, 2008

Bill Simmons Gets The Bears

Bill Simmons updated his NFL Power Poll today and had this to say about our beloved Chicago Bears:


14. Chicago Bears
Chicago's new offense: "Throw the ball up to Devin Hester and hope he either catches it or draws an interference penalty." In other words, the Bears are using the same offense my buddy Geoff mastered in "Madden '96," only without the wrinkle of Kyle Orton running backward for 20 yards, scrambling around for eight seconds and heaving a Hail Mary downfield. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this fails.

First of all, this is so dead-on that I literally began nodding my head while reading it. Somehow, we are still in the playoff race, not good enough to close out the conference but not bad enough that you can rule us out against most teams in the league.  I would actually elaborate and describe the Bears as a lingering stale fart of your own - you know the smell, you know it's yours and you know it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

We also commented on the Orton to Hester playbook after last week here, but I'm still hopeful that Ron Turner can add some tricks to the offense (including teaching Orton to take ONLY 3 steps on a 3 step drop and using Forte for some screens once in a while). This probably won't happen.

Big game this week against the Packers obviously and with Minnesota nursing injuries, we've got a chance to make up ground.


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