Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leaps and Bounds

This guy? This is Joey Gathright, the newest Cubs acquisition. Aside from hopping cars in his spare time, Gathright will serve as a cheap utility outfielder/pinch runner...when he's healthy enough to do it. Don't expect him to become the next Reed Johnson, but if he does pan out to something useful, just remember that we mentoned the possibility first.

Speaking of leaps and bounds, did anyone see the Hawks game last night?

What a merciless shellacking! 9-2! That's almost a football score!

Kane and Brouer led the charge as the Hawks took their 6th game in their last 7 attempts. I'm really not sure I'm ready to care about the Blackhawks, but they're really trying to get me interested. The goaltending has been great, we've been scoring points (unlike last year), and we're actually playing well overall.

Finally, getting leapfrogged again, is the Bulls.

This game was so depressing that there isn't even a usable pic from the web. We catch a break when Raja Bell gets ejected in the first 7 minutes, and what do we do? We let DJ Augustin drop 29 on us (to Rose's 6) and get burned on a shitty foul in OT. For those of you who missed it, Rose was called for touching one of Augustin's phantom limbs on a 3-point shot. To quote:

Rose: “I must have blinked too hard or something."

Augustin (smiling): “That’s what the ref called.”

Bullshit. Augustin sank all three FT shots, and helped put his team ahead for good. Okafor also dominated the backboard with 13 boards and 4 blocks - it was really only a matter of time.

In other news, Deng has menstrual cramps and missed most of the second half, just to come in and foul out during OT. Tyrus Thomas made himself useful off the bench, and Ben Gordon put in a solid showing, but the Bulls are still below .500 on the month.

Can it be baseball season yet?

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