Friday, December 12, 2008


So, I came across this gem the other day. This fine contest, Miss ILLINOIS USA, has finished selecting it's winner. See, you can already tell there's something wrong with this contest by the name: "Miss Illinois USA." That doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but they really wanted to make sure you didn't confuse it with "Miss Illinois Ontario."

Anyways, contest is over, and who wins?

Waiiiiiiiit a second. That can't be right! That's Ashley Bond of the Lovabulls! Man, those Bulls cheerleaders sure are gorgeous...we even dedicated a post to dissecting their beauty. So, now we've got this seemingly bogus contest awarding a beauty award to a LOVABULL!?!? What, we the Blackhawks girls out of town or something?

Bond's award was handed to her by last year's winner, shown below on the left.

Wait a second, she looks kinda familiar...

GAH! COLLUSION! Shannon Lersch (our highest ranked LovaBull, and leader of the MILF division, if that tells you anything) was the 2008 winner!?

This is so bogus.

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