Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bring Him Back!

(Yeah thats right Adrian, sit on Poppa Brendon's lap)

The bears have been terribly inconsistent this year. At times they look amazing (opening day against Indy) or absolutely pathetic (the Green Bay debacle). For some time I have held back my opinion on why we were not able to take it to the next level but after much thought it has become obvious what we need to do: 


Our special teams performance has dropped considerably since he left, just look at the numbers. Devon Hester has just ONE return all season, and has been replaced by a guy with a chick's name. Its not that he's gotten slow or magically stopped being awesome - it's that we dont have Brendon. 

Now the hard part is getting him back in a Bears uniform. We will need to pull out all of the stops, therefore I suggest, luring him back with straight up blackmail:

(Serena or Venus, hard to tell)

Listen here Brendon:

Either you come back or we send this to every major news source in the country. 

Your balls are in your court.

Brother Up Fools!



Keggers said...

YES!!!! A post from the TPC! We are all blessed.

Brendon is the sole reason we are not in 1st place in the NFC North.

stalkingerinandrews said...

Cedric Benson is the sole reason we're not in last in the NFC North.

Oh, yeah, third. Almost forgot about the Lionesses.