Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bearing It

You can take my fantasy season, but you can never take our freedom!

Despite all of Ron Turner's best efforts to cost us this game, the Bears delivered an early Christmas gift last night, beating the Packers in OT. This was really one of those games where the Bears got a lucky win, because we didn't start playing until the second half. Our passing game was shitty, our running game non-existent, and our defense couldn't decide if they wanted to play or not.

Speaking of the defense, though, how about Lance Briggs and Corey Graham? I swear, every single play on defense involved one of these two guys. Briggs kept Ryan Grant from leaving the line of scrimmage, and Graham kept Rodgers from annihilating us with the pass. Without these two guys, this game is over before it even begins. Also, the usual props to Robbie "Good As" Gould with his clutch performance. Does anyone miss Paul Edinger?

But the real unsung heroes? These guys:

That's not orange paint - merely a few 2nd degree burns from setting themselves on fire to survive the gametime temps.

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