Friday, January 16, 2009


Do you hear that noise? It's like a tiny little murmur coming from the midwest...what could it be?

Give us a salary cap! We're tired of being outbid by the fucking Yankees!

What? It's like there's a fly in the room or something...I swear I heard something.

Hey asshole, enough with this bullshit East Coast outbidding everyone! Baseball should be affordable by every team!

Say! That sounds like a complaint coming from 50% OF MLB. That seems like a fair statement to listen to, don't you think?

With mid to low-market teams like the Brewers and Royals fuming that every interesting free agent is going to take the money, it's time for another push for a salary cap. And hey, this time it might work.

Word on the street seems to be that this latest Yankees spree has pissed off all of the more reasonable payrolls, and why wouldn't it? Half a billion dollars gone in three weeks is pretty impressive. Here's the spooky part from the article:

New York’s luxury tax payment—$26,862,702—was just $141,000 shy of the Florida Marlins’ entire 2008 payroll, which came to $27,003,450.

Not all that surprising. The collective bargaining agreement ends in 2011 after the season, meaning that unless the economy is magically revitalized, we may be looking at a legitimate push for a salary cap.

About. Fucking. Time.

If there was ever a problem with baseball, this is it - drafting players in a high round means nothing when they take a long time to develop. By the time a player is ready for the bigs, the team that owns him has MAYBE 2-3 years to enjoy it before his contract is up. By then, regardless of what the team can spend, you'll bet that the Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers or Angels will double whatever your team can offer the player.

Why should some teams be able to spend more than others? Small market teams like the Royals shouldn't have to be fucked year in and year out because someone else can afford to pay more.

AL and NL central, consider this your time to shine.


Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Just a little note, the top 6 payrolls in 2008 were Yanks, Mets, Tigers, Red Sox, WHITE SOX, Angels.

Can I get you on record admitting the White Sox are not a "small market" team?

Gepetto said...

Hey now - did I say that the there were teams with high PAYROLLS or teams that threw INSANE MONEY? If you know anything about baseball, you know the Rangers are NOTORIOUS for throwing insane amounts of money at players to win them over (see: A-Rod).