Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He's coming, he's coming, he's coming.

The guy in that picture dropping an atom bomb on Tadahito Iguchi is none other than Chone Figgins of the Anaheim Angels. If the name sounds familiar, that's because he's popped up at least three times in trade rumors with the Sox this offseason. Rather than keep brushing off rumor after rumor, it's probably about time to start figuring that Figgins is coming to join the team.

Let's face it - he fills every offensive need we have right now. He's a capable centerfielder (or anywhere else) with speed, lead-off capability, and smarts. Oh, and he likes to hustle and play hard. If that doesn't sound like a potential Sox player, I don't know what does. Moving on down the list then, the question is "How are the Sox going to get him?"

Option A: The Sox send Jim Thome to the Angels. This is probably the best deal for both sides, as the Angels are in need of a legit DH while the Sox look to get faster. The Angels likely eat some of Thome's contract here (or the Sox get some prospects) to even this one up a bit, but it allows the team to move Fields or Konerko to DH and get some more youth in the infield.

Option B: The Sox send Paul Konerko to the Angels. Less likely, but similar. Paulie has the same DH potential, but can actually play 1B without a serious injury risk. On the flip side, Paulie's offensive production has been in a serious slide as of late. Konerko is also forever in Jerry Reinsdorf's good graces for the whole 2005 WS ball thing, so I can't imagine Jerry wanting to see him go.

Option C: The Sox send Jermaine Dye to the Angels for Figgins and other considerations. I wouldn't have thought that the Angels, complete with all 32 outfielders, would be looking for another one. Still, this rumor has started to gain steam as of late, and makes sense when put in perspective. The Angels get Dye (who, aside from a slight slump at the end of last season, has been one of the best RFs available), and have the option to move him, Guerrero, or even Matthews Jr to 1B. For the Sox, they move their most moveable player, and likely get some more youth in return (Dye's value is probably higher than Thome or Konerko's).

If we do something, let's hope we do it soon. I'm starting to like this idea of taking infielders from the Angels.

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