Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't like losing very much

Before the Bulls crushed the Kings today, Jerry Reinsdorf had some choice words for Vinny the black and the squad: 

"You want the grade up 'til today?" Reinsdorf asked in a TV interview Friday morning. "What's the lowest grade you can give? This has been a disaster. It's embarrassing. But it will get better.

When you have a team that's not performing it's an organization failure," Reinsdorf said. "You win and you lose as an organization. But if there's one person that is not responsible for what's going on right now, it's John Paxson. 

Why is John Paxon immune from criticism? Isn't this the team HE built? Didn't he make every move in the draft, FA, etc? I don't care how passionate he is, this team is totally dysfunctional: We've got too many good guards, lots of expensive SF's and absolutely no inside presence.  This team's MAIN FUCKING PROBLEM is front office!! Make some moves? Get KG or Kobe last season! Trade for Gasol! Get Boozer! I don't care, just fill the HUGE GAPING HOLE in the paint! Aaron Gray is funny looking, and big, but he's not a legitimate starting center.

There's more:

They were mailing it in, and I felt like standing up and booing along with everybody else," 

"We will build around Derrick Rose. Every player that's added to this team will be a player who can feed off of him. . . . This is not going to take changing 11 players. We do have some pretty good players on this club. Obviously what we lack is an inside presence. That's the biggest thing we are missing and somehow we have to find it."

Well, at least we have the scouting department to realize the Rose is the future of this team and we need to build around him. BoGo needs to just Go. Captain Kirk too. Maybe even Tyrus. That by itself is a pretty compelling package. I just hope we can figure this out soon enough to let Rose build some chemistry with his new teammates.

By the way, "Angry Reinsdorf" should be a new sex term... I'm taking submissions for a definition!


Fisting Andrew Golota said...

The Angry Reinsdorf: When a guy takes a shit on a woman while yelling at somebody else on the phone.

stalkingerinandrews said...

Angry Reinsdorf - Fucking a hooker who's pimp only has a small minority interest in her.

Keggers said...

That's pretty good! I was thinking: "Angry Reinsdorf - When your boss jerks off on your chair after you finish a 23 hour project.

Keggers said...

Wait- much better:

Angry Reinsdorf - Getting fired for something totally not your fault on Christmas, your birthday, etc