Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cubs Fleeced

Don't give me that attitude, Mr. Pitching Hand, I need you right now.

Aaron Heilman is a lot of things. He's a flexible pitcher, he's coming to the Cubs, and he's had success in the past. What he is NOT, however, is any sort of steal for the Cubs. Rather, the Cubs actually seem to have gotten fleeced on this last trade, sending Cedeno and recently acquired Garrett Olsen to the Mets for Heilman.

Let's break it down into the main components:

#1. Cedeno. With Aaron Miles on the team, they already have a Cedeno clone. Miles can play all the infield positions, and can probably hit better than .269. However, since the Cubs are actually looking at only Theriot, Fontenot, or Miles in the reserve infield, they have very little depth in comparison to last year where they had 5 reserve infielders who could all play. Rest is a good thing, you know.

#2. Olsen. Olsen actually looks to have a lot of potential. He's young, has good stuff in the minors, and really just needed a change of scenery to break through. I don't think New York is the place to do it, but you never know. He definately has more upside than...

#3. Heilman. This guy is 30, coming off of a terrible season, and is apparently a whiny bitch. He wanted to start, so he's going to the Cubs...a club that is even MORE stacked with starters? There's a great idea. Heilman has topped 100 IP only once in his career (to contrast, Zambrano tops 100 IP once a week). Expect Heilman to work out of the bullpen and be a poor man's Scott Eyre (the bad kind).

Way to get fleeced, North Siders.


stalkingerinandrews said...

If the change of scenery arguement works for Olsen, why not for Heilman? Last year he was terrible, agreed, but the previous 2 seasons he was among the league leaders in holds. And while the Cubs are stacked in starters, they are pretty stacked in relievers, too, so Heilman may just be fighting for that 12th pitcher spot. And if he can do what he did in '06 and '07, that would be a 12th man worth having.

Oh, and Olsen won't have to worry about breaking through in New York, since he's been traded to Seattle.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Getting fleeced on a Cedeno/Olson for Heilman deal is like overpaying $0.25 for a candy bar. Who cares? It's not like we paid $120 million for a slow egotistical left fielder or anything. That would be a fleecing.

bloomerang said...

Dear dipshits.

The Cubs acquired the shitburger Heilman from the Mariners, not the Mets. Henceforth he will not be receiving the aforementioned scenery change in New York, rather the Emerald City in the Pacific northwest, as pointed out by the astute Mr. StalkingErinAndrews.

I won't argue that Heilman is good, rather that you did a shitty job with your research, and that the White Sox are gay.

Gepetto said...

My bad on the team - sue me.