Friday, February 6, 2009

Bulls looking good, winning 4 of last 5

I'll tell you what, the Bulls look surprisingly good right now, taking 4 or their last 5 road games and beating up on the CP3-less Hornets.

We're finally at near-full strength, Capt Kirk actually takes a ton of pressure off Rose, Deng is back to his versatile self and Tyrus is starting to craft an inside game. Even Joakim Noah is busting ass on the court, hustling like it's job (it is). It's all very exciting.

Rumors are floating on the Bulls dealing for Amare Stoudamire and he would be a GREAT fit in our athletic offense but it all depends how much we have to give up to get him. It's the first time all season we've had a healthy roster and we need to let these guys play a bit more before making the big move. A mistake in a landmark move like this could set the franchise back 5 years.

Getting Amare would be awesome but I'd rather win with the team we have now - lots of experience playing together and some good chemistry.  Maybe I'm nostalgic and like the guys we draft. I also don't know if we would be able to get Amare without Deng (remind anyone else of the old KG or Kobe talk?) and Amare is only 26 and has a lot of mileage.


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