Thursday, February 19, 2009

Could be worse

Well, If we can't get Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire, I guess bringing back Brad Miller makes sense.

But jesus christ, what a huge disappointment by comparison.

Amare is a perennial all-star and would be a monster in the low post. Bosh is a younger Kevin Garnett. Either of those guys developing with Derrick Rose over the next 5 years makes me want to sell my house/car/child for season tickets. I don't actually have a kid but if I did, I would certainly trade it for tickets, especially if it was a girl.

The good news is that we're clearly gearing up for a move in the boner-inducing 2010 FA class. We're not going to get LeBron but Bosh and Amare will both be on the market and if we have to wait a year and change to bring in a big market player, so be it. Patience is a virtue, right?

Miller will bring some inside scoring and maturity to our big men (Thomas, Noah and Gray are all inexperienced and raw). If he can put up 15-10 with us and stick around for the rebuilding, he is a more than serviceable center.

On the way out are Gooden and the Bologna Pony. I like both of these guys a lot, so this is tough to see. Gooden was a rental, but he had a good attitude, played hard and didn't bitch.  Great quote from Gooden: "I've been traded before and the way I look at it is it means somebody wants you." Now that's an upbeat dude. Nocioni is a tough mofo who is consistently underrated because he's a foreigner. When he got minutes, he was very productive. He's going to be good on the Kings.

But just look at this goofy bastard:

He looks like he's hiding a poopie. I  think he tried dreadlocks a few years ago too. 

If we can parlay this move into Bosh in 2010, a core group of Rose, Hinrich, Deng, Bosh and Miller is sounding pretty freaking good right now.

I just got really excited writing that sentence. 

Really excited.


P.S. The Bulls fucking dominated last night, Hinrich dropped 31 trying to keep his job (and rub it in on old coach Skiles) and Tyrus had some nice highlight reel dunks. Deng is getting healthy (21 and 8) and we beat a good Bucks team with only 8 active guys.

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