Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So What Happens to O-Cab?

We have a little problem. There's this guy...let's call him "Mr. Cabrera." Due to his free agent status as a "Type A" free agent, the team that signs him owes us a first round draft pick. Alternatively, if the team's 1st rounder is protected, we get from the 2nd round. Even better, it's possible for the Sox and another team to come to terms where the Sox receive minor league prospects in lieu of the draft picks.


This is so frustrating! We're sitting on a gold mine that we can't start the pickaxes on. What's so uninviting about Cabrera? He's a perpetual free agent, hits well, plays good defense, and generally plays any role you need. I know Kansas City and Oakland have been "interested", but we need something locked down, damn it!

And will SOMEONE do something newsworthy please!? Sheesh!

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