Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Observations

Because we're in Chicago, we really have no pull one way or another regarding the Superbowl. Sure, part of me wants Arizona to win to make Leitch happy (and see more cookie sheet hilarity), and on the other hand, Pittsburgh amuses me because of Ben's supposed obsession with Choco-tacos.

Here are just a few of my observations:

- Steve Breaston looks like he should be in the 70s.

- The coaching staff spent the first three quarters looking for plays to call against Arizona. Cornerback punches Fitzgerald in the face? "Inciting violence - offense - 10 yard penalty." Apparently, a check must have bounced somewhere in the 4th quarter.

- Some questionable playcalling by the Steelers in the first half. Mike Tomlin just isn't as good without House.

It's 3rd and long? Try a run...and then follow up with an angiogram.

- Arizona's defense is terrible - why are the Steelers making them look useful?

- The commercials this year? Subpar. Where are the promised "1 second commercials" from Miller? Where are the funny commercials? Why are 50% of the ads featuring the goddamned Budweiser clydesdales!?

- That INT-to-TD return was hilarious and awesome to watch. Equally amazing was Fitzgerald's TD reception, and Santonio Holmes' "two feet in" catch for the win. Nice highlight reel.

- It's amazing what plastic surgery can do. Looking at Brenda Warner doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out - now I just feel queasy.
Old and busted: I love you grandma - er, I mean, "honey."

- Did Rooney really just thank Obama? Saying "If I weren't a Bears fan, I wouldn't hate them" is hardly an endorsement.

- Namath is so tanked that he just kissed a guy on his way to bringing up the Lombardi trophy. What a hero.

- Why didn't they review that last play where Warner "fumbled" the ball? It looked pretty clear that it was a forward pass motion (meaning that it would have been an incompletion giving Warner another 5 seconds to heave it to Fitz), yet the ball went to PIT immediately. Kind of a lousy way to win.

- The hats are Seahawks colors. Nice.

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