Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trick question...

If you believe in miracles (Bears SB), the possibility of heaven on earth (winning said SB 46-10), God in the form of human flesh (Walter Payton) and the Leviathan (The Fridge), you can just as easily choose Mike Ditka over Jesus Christ.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Ditka has been resurrected TWICE (once in New Orleans and again in the broadcasting booth).

If you've been looking for an excuse to dodge church, now you have a completely defensible and equally valid alternative. The only worship Mike Ditka requires is that you eat at his restaurant once in your life. It's delicious (no wafers).


P.S. You can buy this shirt in the store on the right. If you want. No pressure. Just think about how cool you would look wearing this shirt. Then think about being surrounded by hundreds of beautiful naked women and 5 kegs of beer AND just finding out that you won the lottery. The correlation should be obvious.