Wednesday, February 4, 2009 we get Abreu or not?

How the hell did I wind up on the Phillies?

For those of you that hate rumors or even being remotely excited by a big name coming up in talks for your team, Tuesday was "when is Bobby Abreu coming to the White Sox" day.

The rumor was that for $8 million, Abreu would take a one-year deal with the Sox. This would mean a few things - Jermaine Dye would be out of the picture (no room for his salary or a place to play him in outfield), or that Thome would be out of the picture (same reasoning). The result would likely be a young pitcher, and one more "take a stab at winning" year.

According to XM Radio at one point, Abreu had accepted the offer. However, everything sort of stalled somewhere inbetween. Probably along the lines of "How the hell would we get Abreu for only $8 million!? Why would he take a paycut?!" Needless to say, I'm keeping my ears up for the inevitable announcement of...something.

Just remember I told you so.

Horrifingly, Abreu still looks a lot like a certain former Cubs rightfielder. Damn.

Oh, and the Cubs' trades? Not such a big deal. I'm convinced that the Orioles are slowly acquiring all the Cubs' faltered youth...I wonder why that is?

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