Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bi-Annual Hockey Update

Dale Tallon, one of the many people responsible for a spectacular 2009 Blackhawks season is...being fired?

Wait, what?

I mean, I know that the Blackhawks like to give things the quick hook when they're not working (see: firing Denis Savard 4 games into the season), but it's not like Tallon was a colossal fuckup or anything. He put together a pretty solid team as GM! Stan Bowman will be taking over GM duties.

I would have to guess that this firing has something to do with the way that contracts were handled this offseason. For the uninitiated, Tallon may have botched the way that restricted free agents would have been handled. If the Hawks had not resigned a player (such as Versteeg), and he had signed somewhere else, the Hawks would get nothing. That's kind of a problem when you do it for six players.

Can you imagine if the Blackhawks front office worked with any other Chicago sport? The quick hook would change everything. I would kill to see Ron Turner out on his ass as Offensive Coordinator after one too many fuckups, or even someone going toe-to-toe with Ozzie or Lou to keep them on edge (world series = immunity). Oh, and Greg Walker? Your days are numbered, sir.

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