Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This seems ass backwards to me...

According to ESPN:

The Chicago Bears have joined a growing NFL trend of placing a corporate logo on their practice jerseys.

The Bears entered into a three-year partnership with NorthShore University HealthSystem, and will wear a NorthShore patch on the front of their practice jerseys.

"We are thrilled with our new NorthShore University HealthSystem partnership," said Chris Hibbs, Bears senior director of sales and marketing. "Our goal is to align our team with organizations that share our values and drive for excellence.

"NorthShore's devotion to quality care and focus on a streamlined brand message makes them an ideal business partner for the Bears. Further, we are particularly excited about NorthShore's position as the Bears first-ever practice jersey sponsor. NorthShore's high standards make them a perfect fit for this prominent Bears asset."

OK, hang on a second... the Bears and NorthShore HealthSystem share the same values? I believe the Bears value crushing skulls and knocking the shit out of people. I assume that NorthShore HealthSystem doesn't train their staff to hit people at full speed with total disregard for their physical well-being and long term health.

I guess if you look at it from a "partnership" perspective, they definitely help each other out - the Bears send people to the hospital and the hospital tries to get players back on the field. It's a good business model, but don't feed me some shit about "values" and "standards"... I hate media spin.

Better sponsorship suggestions:

- Luols Dong, the premier Chicago sports blog
- The US Army (Soldier Field...)
- Cisco (No reason. Still better than NorthShore)

I will eat your children.

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