Friday, July 31, 2009

Mr. Peavy

Peavy, seconds after realizing that he had waived his no-trade clause

Well, I guess Jake Peavy is coming to Chicago after all.

I will give Kenny an "A" for effort - when he wants a player, he will hound them, stalk them, send bits of their children's anatomy in the mail...etc until he gets what he wants. In this case, even though Jake the Snake already said no once this year, Kenny tried again and got his man. Good for you.

Now, if you're even close to a regular Dong reader, you already know why I don't like Peavy. I wrote that bit in reference to him coming to the Cubs - all of those negatives are amplified and then some when you talk about putting him on the White Sox. Not only does the ERA get the usual "moved from NL to AL" boost, but you've got the California "whoa dude chill out" personality of Peavy mixing with the "HEY KID! $%!& YOU TRY $%#&ING HARDER!" of Ozzie. I don't expect it to end well.

There's also the fact that we traded just about every pitching prospect we have to get him. Seriously. Poreda, Richard, Carter and Russell all went away, leaving the next viable AAA starters of Carlos Torres, Kelvin Jimenez...Jeff Marquez...and Freddy Garcia. Notice the drop-off there from "might be useful in the future" to "it's only an acid enema." This is not the way to grow youth.

But hey - I can't bitch about having him now that we do, so WELCOME TO CHICAGO, JAKE PEAVY. I invite you to try our luxurious medical suites, hospital food, and reclining beds as you ride the disabled list to success.

Side note: Watch Clayton Richard completely dominate for the rest of the season in the NL. Book it.


Avenger-in-Chief said...

~you've got the California "whoa dude chill out" personality of Peavy ~

This shouldn't be a concern regarding Peavy. He's from Alabama and he's anything but laid back. JP might be one of the most fired-up pitchers you ever see take the hill.

While his ERA will rise as he leaves a pitcher's park and enters the AL there's something you have to keep in mind: every time he pitches in San Diego he has to be near perfect because our offense is so pathetic. I think he'll step it up knowing that he has some leeway with a legitimate offense behind him.

The consensus seems to be that Peavy would have been ready to pitch again this year but there was no incentive to rush him back on account of the Padres sucking and further injury would ruin our chances of moving him in the off-season.

The Bad News:
1. He might not help you too much this year.
2. He's injured every year (elbow,ankle, elbow, shoulder, elbow, forearm, elbow---you get the picture)

Jake's a good guy and we need cheap arms that don't throw 87mph so here's to the trade working out for both of us. And as a former resident of Chicago....fuck the Cubs!

Gepetto said...

Agreed - fuck them right in the ear.