Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Day Filled With Bad News

Just because it didn't happen yesterday doesn't mean I didn't want it to

So...could we find a way to suck more? Since Buerhle's perfect game, wins have been hard to come by. We lost 3/4 to Detroit, and then took another loss at the Metrodome last night. The defense was a joke, especially during a particularly disgusting 2nd inning that had the Twins scoring 2 runs on 2 singles (and 2 errors). In other news, AJ and Alexei are trying to kill eachother in the dugout, and Brian Anderson is asking to be traded.

This sucks.

You know, it's funny. I was watching this game for the sole purpose of making sure that the Cubs would lose, but found myself taking a different view of it. The reality is "which team sucks less?" In a game where the last 5 innings had both teams getting baserunners to 2nd or 3rd with less than 2 outs almost every time, you knew that someone would have to accidentally get a hit.

As it so happens, Soriano decided to end one of his worst days with a bang, a walk off grand slam. What the newspaper will probably overlook is that until that grand slam, Soriano had three K's, and neglected to run out a fair chopper (didn't even leave the batter's box) that could have been even worse had the runner not advanced to 2nd on contact.

Oh, and don't even get me started on that "suicide squeeze" where Fontenot NEGLECTED TO MAKE CONTACT, leaving Bradley dead in the water on the squeeze play. I especially enjoyed that one.

Also worth noting: the Astros' Arias is going to be a sick closer one day, as that guy's pitches have movement, speed, and location that's like watching the catcher hold up an oversized magnet.


Gepetto said...

And just an addendum on that:

3:47pm: Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times says Anderson "isn't going anywhere." The club has tried to trade him recently with no success.

...you sons of bitches!

McDoofus said...

How is that possible? I mean, I know he's bad, but is he THAT bad? There isn't a shitty team like the Pirates or something that want him?

As a side note, check out Charlotte's record since his demotion...and then look at the Sox's.

McDoofus said...

Err, never mind. He just got traded to the Red Sox...

Gepetto said...

Angry post inbound