Sunday, July 5, 2009

McNair downgraded to "Doubtful"

I'm still confident he'll find a way to get on the field - there is no injury that can hold this guy back.

That marks the 5th celebrity death in the past two weeks. If there are more to come, I'm looking at the following trends:

- Entertainers (5/5 - McMahon, Fawcett, Jackson, Mays, McNair)
- White people (4/5 - McMahon, Jackson, Fawcett, Mays)
- People who would do anything to get balls in their hands (3/5 - Jackson, Mays, McNair)
- Scam artists (2/5 - McMahon, Mays)

On that note, I have the following suggestions on the "next to go" list:

#1. OJ Simpson (broken heart)
#2. The Sham-Wow guy (drug overdose)
#3. Regis Philbin (murder-suicide)
#4. Mickey Rourke (suicide)
#5. Bernie Mac - wait, he's already dead. Who's that guy who's a ripoff of Mac? Uh...Tyler Perry? Yeah, let's go with that (murder).


Fisting Andrew Golota said...

Unless he can get drugs in jail, the Sham-Wow guy isn't going anywhere.

Keggers said...

Tasteless headline... I love it.