Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long time no post, (sorry!)

So much going on, not enough time to write and can't choose which topics to cover.

Let's do some catching up and provide some weekend leisure reading:

1) Carlos Zambrano is insane.

Zamby threw a temper tantrum last week and went psycho on the gatorade machine in the dugout with a baseball bat. Video here.

Playing for the Cubs really brings out the best in people - I think this is the third time the gatorade machine has been destroyed since last season (Dempster and Ramirez).

2) GREAT article by J.A Andande from ESPN on the infamous Hue Hollins - Pubert Davis foul in 1994 here.

3) Bears sign IzzyIdonije and bring Tinoisamoa over from the Rams. Great news all around. We need some depth at LB and Tino is a hustler and a ball hawk. He'll probably spot start with Hillenmeyer but having him, Briggs and Urlacher will make us a lot more consistent. You'll notice the contribution in our run D with Mike Brown gone.

4) Derrick Rose probably cheated on his SAT. (here)

Nobody cares. You don't have to be able to read or write to win games. If you've ever heard him get interviewed, you know this story is true. Kid could NOT have scored higher than a 500.

5) Sox chasing Roy Oswalt (here).

I swear to god if this bastard no-trades us, I will burn his house down.

6) The TPC gets married this weekend!

The glorious TPC bites the bullet this weekend. We all wish him luck and godspeed (what, 2 pumps isn't fast enough?).


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The TPC said...

Thanks for the shout out Keggsquad.

Heres a preview of my wedding vow:

Dearest baby,

when I met you I was the OPC and you changed my life, now I have become the TPC.

Our love is like the dong, strong and hard.