Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes, Joe Noah is awesome

OK, OK, OK, stop sending us emails! Yes, we know, we're not the fastest blog in the world but after "tip" #2342353245 we decided we might as well join the fray and get these up, especially because they're great PR for my favorite Bull:

Passing a doobie (it's cool, it's the offseason)

That is one GANGLY motherfucker

Look at his face. Jesus. He gives hope to ugly men everywhere 

Notice how much hotter this picture is without his ugly mug in it. Regardless, she is hot as hell.


Anyhoo, thanks to Horse and Brad S for the first tips, maybe one day we can employ people full time who can get these up from a place called NOT-work.

Regards to loyal Dong minions everywhere.


1 comment:

The TPC said...

keggers as a loyal dong follower and contributor, I must say i am upset by your comments in this post.

What is more important than the Dong? The answer is nothing, fuck work, the dong must be updated!

I assume your post was made under duress and you will amend your statements immediately.