Thursday, May 21, 2009


How YOU doin'?

Work prevents me from being on top of shit, but PEAVY!? Seriously?!

Where did this come from!

The Sox are sending Poreda and Richard for Peavy (actually, pretty fair. Both Poreda and Richard have potential to be a #2 or 3 starter), and are only waiting on Jake to approve the trade. There's just so much potential here.

On one hand, you have Peavy. Peavy is no doubt a lights out killing machine. He's under contract for a while (2013), and the Sox could no doubt use an ace like Peavy to go along with Buerhle, Danks, and Floyd to create one hell of a deadly 4-some. On the flip side, Peavy is from the NL, and plays for the Padres in their mammoth ballpark. The Cell is less than kind to flyballs, not to mention that we have that whole "DH" thing.

More importantly, eating Peavy's contract will come with ramifications. Keep in mind that Quentin and Danks are very close to free agency, and will be seeking beefy contracts. If that money goes to Peavy instead, you can probably kiss them goodbye.

Likewise, I don't know how much of an improvement in the roation Peavy will be over Richard. I like Richard A LOT. He's like my pitching equivalent to Brian Anderson (btw, record with anderson post DL? 2-0). Richard has been groomed to start, is capable of starting, and could easily be a 4 starter on most clubs AS IS. Given that he's young and has room for improvement, he could easily bump up in value (cheaper too).

Also keep in mind that Poreda, while Jewish and dominating in the minors, may not translate to ML success. I'm not saying not to do the trade (obviously in Peavy's hands now), but I'll bet we're talking about this one again - even if it doesn't go through - halfway through 2010.

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