Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Suck

I just don't know if I can take it anymore! It's been so long since I've seen a White Sox team this...this...BAD. Frankly, we're downright terrible. We have two starters, three hitters, and a lot of spare parts. Rather than suffer through watching them play (because if you've been trying, you know it's downright depressing), maybe some good can come of this after all.

For example, a trade deadline firesale. That would be AMAZING. Let's face it - this year was supposed to (and needed to be) a rebuilding year. As much as Kenny wants to say "we're always in 'win now' mode," you can't just magically have players continue to be good as they age...unless you shell out the big bucks. Since we're not going to do that, we have to start cleaning house - something I've been begging for since early last year.

Just off the top of my head, Thome, Dye, and Contreras all strike me as people who should not be on this team next season. If we can get someone to eat some of their salaries while we're at it, that would be fantastic. Dye should bring in a legit return (think Homer Bailey or a "just waiting to make the AAA->MLB jump type player), and Thome should be good for a couple AA prospects.

Likewise, if we do clean house at the deadline, we can start giving the younger players a chance to develop. Currently, we're already moving in the right direction showcasing Fields, Getz, Anderson (when not in the doghouse), and Ramirez. The next step is to get Fields nice and comfy in a 1B/DH role because he sure as hell can't handle a glove, and start bringing in some extra youth for the infield. If Viciedo is ready next season, that would be a great start. Jordan Danks, Tyler Flowers, Brandon Allen, and John Shelby are also names that should be receiving an extended look.

As for the pitching, we have guys that have been waiting long enough - Richard just claimed the 5th starter job (and he will succeed - just watch), Adam Russell is close, and Poreda is just a few brain cells away from being MLB ready. Hell, even Jon Link and Kelvin Jimenez could be worth a look.

I'm not sayting we're "rife with talent." I AM saying that if we're going to waste a season, at least waste part of it on the future instead of riding the broken down horses to the end of the race. Turn the underachievers into glue and go make yourself a nice popsicle stick house or something.

Yeah, I'm not sure where that analogy was going...


Aaron said...

Didn't you guys just win the World Series a handful of years ago? Settle down. Let's save the ineptitude for some team like KC, or the Twins

Gepetto said...

Four years ago is still four years ago. A large portion of what made that team so great (Rowand, Crede, Insane Bullpen) has already been dismantled over the year.

For a team that won because of sick pitching/defense and "OzzieBall" hitting, you don't want to fawn over the guy who hits for a lot of power