Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday was all kinds of failure

Blackhawks Lose: Luongo is a fucking monster. He sets up IN the net, and then goes backwards. Long story short, you're just not going to get the puck in normally. To contrast, Khabibulin looked good, but not good enough. Blackhawks lose 3-1, Keggers loses his 5:1 on Toews, and the Blackhawks go into Game 4 losing 2-1 in the series. Shit.

Cubs Lose: Marshall gives it the old "grade school try" in a game where picking up the pace after the first inning means nothing. If the Giants manage to score three runs against you with Lincecum on the mound, the game should probably be over. Samardzija was just the nail in the coffin, people (and how dumb are you guys going to feel about dumping Vizcaino for this guy when you realize Neal Cotts is the worst pitcher ever?). In other news, Fukudome has one hit in his last 15 at bats (his last good game was April 28th with 3 walks and a base hit) - notice that this slump coincides with Keggers picking him up in our fantasy league. Traitor.

Sox Lose Miserably: First of all, this game was 4-1 at the end of the third inning, and it looked like the Sox offense could do no wrong. Then Gavin Floyd, apparently trying to make up for the fact that Javier Vasquez is no longer on the team, decided to cough up the lead with 6 ER. If I'm Ozzie, when I see Floyd get into trouble with a 7-4 lead, I call the bullpen. Instead, Oz let Floyd finish the inning (getting two more earned runs). Matt Thornton (who hasn't looked quite right this season if you ask me) then gave up the tying run in the 7th, and then an amazing thing happened - NO ONE COULD FUCKING HIT.

I would complain about Ozzie not taking out the less effective hitters for pinch hitters, but the depth is so thin right now you're looking at putting in Danks as a pinch hitter. For the remaining innings (through extras), Sox relievers were especially erratic (all walked at least 1 batter, the majority walked two). Worst of all, you know that Ozzie wants to go to bed when he puts in Lance "I throw meatballs" Broadway to handle the 11th. I would rather have ANY member of the bullpen go out there. Yes, I know Richard just threw, but what about that fat guy? Bobby...something? When was the last time we've heard from him?

All in all, a VERY frustrating day.

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